Remodeling of the Student Union Building
Remodeling of the Student Union Building
  • Reporter Lee Seung-Joo
  • 승인 2018.11.29 11:09
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Expected image of Student Union Building after remodeling
Expected image of Student Union Building after remodeling


The structure of the Jigok Community Center and the Student Union Building has changed by small degrees since it’s opening over 20 years ago. In 2017, March 21 the previous Student Cafeteria of the Jigok community center was remodeled into Haedong-Aurum Hall. After the remodeling of the Jigok Community Center, now the Student Union building is also undergoing remodeling work to further enhance students’ convenience and satisfaction.
The Food Court, Café Serio, Kyobo Bookstore, stationery store, and convenience stores were temporary closed during construction. However, Woori bank and Atlas Hall are still available for use. To compensate for the inconvenience caused for students who usually dine in the Student Union Building, a kiosk and various vending machines are now available in the lobby on the second floor. While the Student Union Building remodeling is in progress, there will be restrictions on walking routes. The main entrance of the lobby on the 1st floor, entrance from the side of Café Serio and side of the POSCO International Center will be closed. Students should take a detour through the lobby of the 2nd floor and the connection bridge. Students should also note that the Woori Bank ATM will be moved to the inside of the bank and the toilets on the 1st floor will be closed. The remodeling period is scheduled from Nov. 10 to Feb. 28, but the time frame may change.
Meanwhile, students have shown curiosity towards the renewal of the Student Union building. According to the Food Services (FS), the purpose of the Student Union building remodeling is to increase the spatial efficiency of the Student Union building. Son Seok-nam from the FS explained that the biggest change after the remodeling will be the increase of cultural spaces in the Student Union Building. According to a survey conducted by the Undergraduate Associations (UA) during the first semester regarding the Student Union building remodeling, 39.9 percent of respondents were positive about reducing the cafeteria to increase more cultural space while 24.3% were neutral towards the idea. The same survey also asked the students for opinions on the preferred sort of cultural space. Various opinions were collected, and some of the ideas included a student lounge, conference rooms, media rooms, club offices, mirror rooms, and computer rooms. A student lounge was the most preferred option (63.6% of all respondents), however, no information was available on whether or not a student lounge will be constructed. Son also replied that the remodeling was suggested and planned since last year, but construction has only recently begun. He added that the Café Serio will continue to operate without change after construction, but the Food Court will change significantly. According to Son, the FS is attempting to bring in a food franchise chain that satisfies the student response from the previously-mentioned survey. During the survey regarding the Food Court menu, students responded that they prefer a more simple type of food menu. FS answered that they are in the process of investigating an adequate food franchise to bring into the Student Union building and added that they are currently considering among Korean fast food franchises and a pizza place. 
While it seems that the Student Union Building will turn into a brand new facility, students are all hoping to see the end of the remodeling. 

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