POSTECH Microscope: Organizers of the STadium
POSTECH Microscope: Organizers of the STadium
  • Reporter Kim Su-min
  • 승인 2018.11.29 11:08
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All staffs of the STadium event
All staffs of the STadium event


The two main organizers of the STadium, which was held on Nov. 10 and 11, seemed to feel much better before the event. Kim Chae-yeong (IME 17) and Lee Seung-gyu (EEE 15) brought back the memories of the days of organizing and managing the event. The final winner was KAIST, but POSTECH won the soccer event.
While talking about how fun the event was, Kim and Lee mentioned the difficulties they encountered while organizing the event. Lee said, “What I was somewhat annoyed at was, at the meetings, people (including myself) were not well-acquainted with the results from previous meetings. Therefore, only a little progress was made at each meeting.” Kim added, “The hardest moment was when I realized nothing had been accomplished even though I went to Gwangju for the meeting, which is very far from Pohang.”
 According to Kim and Lee, five students worked as the organizing staff. Lee said, “Kim worked the hardest. (Kim: I just took on the club part.) But the clubs were the main event, so she had the hardest time. And… Hye-seon helped things like arranging lists, Ji-yeong took on the sleeping arrangements, and Gi-seong worked hard in the field. The Field staff were more than five. Fortunately, because we were not the host, it didn’t require much labor.” Kim added, “Because staff members were few, each person had to deal with a lot of tasks, and it was natural to feel tired. Though, everyone enjoyed working together and I was also excited.”
After explaining the booths they enjoyed, they remarked about the meaning of the STadium. Lee said, “Not very special were the booths from GIST. They were just new and novel to us. Actually, the purpose of the STadium was to play the role of a cultural exchange. If there were more booths from other universities and more regular participants, it could be more exciting and extravagant.” Kim added, “But, while players had wrap-up parties after the matches, regular participants and booth operators didn’t have those chances. They couldn’t interact with students from other universities. That was unfortunate.”
When asked about their thoughts after the end of the STadium, Kim said, “When gathering club members, I was surprised that there were a lot more drunken people than I had expected. Though it was a little bit hard to control them, it was great that they enjoyed with other students the meaning of the interchange event. It was good that they didn’t end up just playing matches, but drunk and talked with other students.” Lee said, “I feel sorry for the participants. They felt really apologetic for things like lateness. But, we were more apologetic, because we gathered them too early in the morning, we just gave bread and water for the breakfast… I should’ve provided at least gimbap.” He added, “As organizers, there were many poor parts, but the players and general participants positively considered us and each other, so I felt sorry and thankful for them.”

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