1st Hyun-Eun Lecture Held in POSTECH
1st Hyun-Eun Lecture Held in POSTECH
  • Reporter Park Hee-won
  • 승인 2018.10.10 19:20
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Former minister Hong Seok-woo giving a lecture
Former minister Hong Seok-woo giving a lecture


Hong Seok-woo, former minister of Ministry of Knowledge Economy, visited POSTECH to lecture in ‘Hyun-Eun Lecture’, which was first held on Sep. 19. Former minister Hong is an economic expert who is currently a senior advisor to AT Kearney Korea. He also worked as president of KOTRA and the Small and Medium Business Administration before. 

Theme of the lecture was the economic development on the Korea and preparing for the age of inter-Korean economic cooperation. Giving this speech, he provided insights on the changes and prospects of Korea’s politics and economy via relief of inter-Korean relationship.

The lecture was based on the proceeds of the Hyun-Eun Foundation, which was presented by Professor Emeritus Suh Eui-ho (IME) and his followers for their high-quality education and talented people of IME. Hyun-Eun is pen name of Prof. Suh. IME is planning to open seminars every September in various fields such as the economy and industry to provide scholarships to outstanding students, utilizing the profit of Hyun-Eun Foundation.

Prof. Suh mentioned “I hope that POSTECH members will be able to look at the world with broader insight through this lecture. I also expect Hyun-Eun lecture to settle as the lecture program in order to raise the keen insight of the Postechians.”

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