Rain could not cool down the passion of KPSW
Rain could not cool down the passion of KPSW
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Basketball playerrs tossing their coach in the air after winning the game
Basketball playerrs tossing their coach in the air after winning the game

From Sep. 14 to 15, the 17th KAIST – POSTECH Science War (KPSW) was held at POSTECH campus. Though it rained heavily throughout two days, the passion of players and supporters were intense enough for them to enjoy KPSW.

Hacking, Football, Science Quiz, E-Sports took place on the first day. Hacking started 9 AM to 9 PM, for 12 hours. Two teams were assigned the same problems. The one who solved it first took one point at hacking. Both sides succeeded in solving all the nine problems, but KAIST got ahead of us by close score of 847 to 843. The Football match was proceeded on a wet field, so supporters gathered at auditorium to watch football transmission broadcast by PBS. Ended in a tie of 1 to 1, players had to run for overtime. At the second half of overtime, the KAIST player scored a goal with a header, leaving a regrettable defeat to POSTECH. For the Science Quiz, it has been POSTECH’s most trusty competition. Both teams had to answer questions to solve bingo which included mine and fleet. They gave minus or plus point to the one who got on that board. Even though POSTECH succeeded in solving one more problems than KAIST, we lost finding more mines than them. E-sports started from 10 PM and first round of League of Legends (LOL) went well with initiating strategy, which means attacking the enemies first to set the pace. However for the rest two rounds, KAIST showed brilliant strategy and good understanding of character that seized the victory of KPSW. It was such a day of agony for POSTECH to miss all the point which determined the disgraceful defeat of KPSW.

There were three matches on the second day; Baseball, Basketball and AI. Badminton game was also held after last year, and players suffered overwhelming difference of performance. However it was not a regular match that was counted as a point. Unusually, there was a baseball match at Pohang Baseball Stadium this year. Both sides did their best and showed fantastic game power that thrilled audiences. POSTECH allowed reversal with five loss of point at the last inning as a result. The first news of victory was from basketball. For the three quarters, it was tight match of 29 to 28 and could not forecast the future. At the fourth quarter, POSTECH scored continuously and ended at the marvelous score of 44 to 34. For the AI match, POSTECH achieved sweeping victory winning three rounds in a row. At the two bonus games, we won all the games showing overwhelming performance.


Even though everyone knew the defeat of KPSW the second day, POSTECH supporters cheered with passion and vivacity throughout the games. Although, POSTECH could not make it this year, 2018 KPSW brought unity and bond to students in both school.

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