The Cost of Worrying
The Cost of Worrying
  • Reporter Chae Seung-hyun
  • 승인 2018.09.19 20:54
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Reporter Chae Seung-hyun
Reporter Chae Seung-hyun


For all our lives, until the moment we die, we worry about something. It doesn’t matter what it’s about or how insignificant it is, we worry about it. If somebody says that he or she isn’t worried about anything, we can be pretty sure like 100% sure that person is lying. Worrying is an integral part of our lives, a companion that even if we want to, can’t part away with.

Personally, for me, I categorize worry into two types. One, worries concerning things that haven’t taken place yet (type 1). Two, worries about things that already took place (type 2). Unlike Type 2, Type 1 can be useful, as worrying of that kind motivates us to be prepared. But type 2 doesn’t do anything for us. Our worrying about something that already took place and already has a set outcome will have no effect on the results

Postechians, as a university student and especially as a student of POSTECH, have lots to worry about. Our school which is famous for its academics has curriculums that are very stressing for the students. On top of that, we must consider and think about relationship with friends, clubs, etc.

Academics might look like our number one priority, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Meaning that deep down, inside that person there are worries that are privy to only oneself. On the outside, everyone acts as if everything is perfect. But on the inside, there are worries that are eating away at that person’s inside. As it can’t be told to anyone and nothing can be done about it, it causes stress. And those are the worries that lower the happiness of life, and the most difficult to get rid of. 

And just as the name of this article implies, worrying is costly. I am not saying worrying is pointless, but sometimes it can be meaningless. That’s because most people’s worries are mainly type 2, and that are deep down a person. Essentially people have worries that can’t be told to no one, which means the person with the worries must solve it all on one’s own, and that practically changes nothing about the outcome.

We constantly think and worry about the result, but at the same time know that it doesn’t change anything. What’s frustrating is the fact that we know and yet can do nothing as it’s human nature. Worrying cost, us time and gives us stress so it’s crucial to reduce worries. There is no real solution to this as every person is different, but there is one general solution, confidence.

Having confidence is the key to reducing worries. For example, let’s look at us after an exam. After an exam, we all worry about if our grades are going to be good. That worry increases over time until the grade is announced. However, if you have confidence in your skills and the preparation that was taken, you can reduce that worry considerably.

I hope every Postechians have confidence in themselves and stop worrying. I know that just saying that is the easy part, and that actually following that is the hard part. However, life is too short. Don’t use that short amount of time worrying about stuff that doesn’t change anything and use that time on something meaningful.