Exciting Stimulus for Mundane Everyday Life
Exciting Stimulus for Mundane Everyday Life
  • Reporter Kim Su-min
  • 승인 2018.05.30 21:18
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▲A member of The NOEL is greeting the audience during the performance
▲A member of The NOEL is greeting the audience during the performance

 From May 9 to 11, the 2018 Sunrise Festival was held with the theme ‘Byeo-Rak-Chi-Gi’ which means thunderbolt, and the slogan ‘Giving exciting stimulus for dry everyday life’.

 This year, the Preparatory Committee for the Sunrise Festival (PCSF) planned various day and evening programs. Before the festival, they ran the ‘Offline Po-Dae-Jeon’, which is the offline version of the Facebook page called Po-Dae-Jeon which posts anonymous writing. People wrote on postcards or sent messages through Kakaotalk’s open chat room, and members of the PCSF delivered them. The ghost house with the theme ‘Save Jason in the Closed Hospital’ and the room escape game with the theme ‘Traces of 7 Days – To Find Missing Friend A’ caught the public’s interest. For daytime booths, the PCSF ran the ‘POSTECH Flea Market’, proceeds being donated to the earthquake victims in Pohang, ‘Memories of Those Far-off Days’ where people could see old movies, cartoons and listen to old songs, ‘Pohang Land: Casino’ where people could play Texas hold’em, Black Jack, and TaiSai, and ‘Winner Winner Braised Spicy Chicken Dinner!’ where people played a shot game with a BB gun. These booths and activities were open for 3 days.

 The photo zone was set up near the store in the Jigok Communication Center and there was a studio run by Bit-No-Eul, the photography club. From 9P.M. to 2A.M., next to the student cafeteria, a club party was held with DJ LAON, DJ Mad David, DJ BinGlee, with non-alcoholic cocktails, and goods for prizes. These were during the last 2 days. All programs by PCSF contained goods for prizes which encouraged Postechians’ participation.

On the first night, Cheero started the first of 3 nights which would be full of Postechians’ talent. Following Cheero, the quarterfinal of ‘King of Masked Singers (KMS)’ and POSKING sponsored by PBS took place. Through both, every Postechians who do not belong to any performing clubs could perform on stage. On the second night, the final match of KMS and the performances of many clubs – Blue Peanut, VOCES, GT LOVE, Bremen, STEELER, Ctrl-D and P-Funk took place. On the last night, the final match of a LOL contest between subClass 12 and subClass 15 was played and subClass 15 won the first prize. Sam-Teo performed a samulnori, the Korean traditional percussion quartet. The ADE and Noel’s impressive performance brought joy and delight to the Postechians. Subsequently, POSTECH DJ crew C.O.G livened up the atmosphere even more. There was also the encore stage of KSS.

With diverse booths and programs run by the PCSF, clubs, departments, and ordinary students, Postechians could receive some exciting stimulus for their dry everyday life.

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