Medicine-Containing Nano Machine Developed for Curing Cancer
Medicine-Containing Nano Machine Developed for Curing Cancer
  • Reporter Gwak Jun-ho
  • 승인 2018.05.30 21:15
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Just like aircraft carrier which launches air fighters to attack a target, the nano machine which can penetrate deeply into our body and release anti-cancer drugs to destroy cancer cells has been developed, anticipated as a new strategy for nano particle cancer treatments.

Professor Kim Won-jong (CE) and Lee Jin-woo (CE) developed a nano structure that can deeply penetrate cancer tissues. Large size-nano particle (150nm) containing small size-nano particle (15nm) can release anti-cancer drugs twice to target periphery and interior cancer tissues. It is suggested as the new paradigm of medical treatment to effectively attack cancer. The research was introduced on Advanced Materials, receiving much attention among the academics.

Cancer tissue is the complicated 3D structure packed with interconnected cells and blood vessels. Until now, medical treatment using nano particle roughly indicated drug particles in nano size that are injected into the body, travel along blood vessels and selectively deliver drug to the periphery of cancer tissues. Because it can only target the periphery of cancer tissues and not penetrate directly into the structure, cancer is likely to reoccur after some signs of effect.

The research team developed the nano particle that can attack cancer in three stages. Large size-nano particle travels along blood vessel and selectively arrives at cancer tissue. It then reacts to slightly acidic environment (pH of 6.5) and releases small size-nano particles which can permeate the cancer tissue and attack the very heart.