A Silent Killer
A Silent Killer
  • Reporter Lee Mi-yeon
  • 승인 2018.05.30 20:59
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▲ Closed Daijin agency / Dong-A Ilbo
▲ Closed Daijin agency / Dong-A Ilbo

The Nuclear Safety and Security Commission has reversed the conclusion of an initial investigation into excessive amounts of radon. An International Agency for Research on Cancer found Group 1 carcinogens that could cause lung cancer, emitted from seven mattresses by Daijin. At first, NSASC said that radon emissions from the mattress were below government-designated safety standard. However, 5 days later, it said all seven violated safety standards for commercial products set by the Act on Safety Control of Radioactive Rays around Living Environments. It admitted that the initial examination was careless as the harmful substance, moissanite, was found in sponges inside an inner layer of the mattresses. The commission ordered the recall of the seven mattress.

The maximum annual exposure dosage is 1 milliSievert (mSv), but the mattresses emitted radon at a rate of nine times the limit. The emission levels were measured based on the assumption the user breathes for 10 hours a day, 2 centimeters above the mattress. The 9.35 mSv is equivalent to the radiation does from 100 X-ray examinations.

There is a growing anxiety among consumers as additional radiation detection is suspected in other mattresses. In addition to the problem raised by environmental groups, numerous petitions are posted on the Blue House National Petition homepage. They claim mental and physical damage and demand a full investigation on Daijin products and an investigation into the truth of the case. As in the case of the Oxy humidifier, which caused 1767 casualties, we can no longer expect safety anywhere unless there are sufficient sanctions imposed on the company and remedies for victims.

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