Illusions and Truths about RC 20
Illusions and Truths about RC 20
  • Reporter Song Sung-chan
  • 승인 2018.05.30 20:49
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▲Front gate of RC 20
▲Front gate of RC 20

For some time, there has been complaints that the residential college (RC) 20 is much inferior to RC 21, a newly built dormitory. To clarify such conflict and look for feasible solutions to the problem, a survey targeting undergraduate students was conducted. 42% have never lived in RC 20 but heard about the condition. 30% of students who have experience with RC 20 voted for 1, 65% voted for 2 and none voted for 5 in the scale of 1~5 which represents satisfactory level of RC 20. The scale clearly illustrates trend towards unsatisfying experience in RC 20 among the residents.

When asked for detailed explanation of the discomfort, the responders presented various reasons: cramped bathroom, small living space, no ventilation, unsanitary residence (mold abound), same price as RC 21, and many more. As for the people who responded but have no experience with RC 20 also showed similar impression towards RC 20: that facility is so old that when there was earthquake a bathroom wall cracked, that RC 20 is estranged from RC 21, that the boarding expenses must be reduced, that the rooms are extremely uncomfortable, and that not a place where one wants to live in.

With the result of the survey presented above, the Office of Mueunjae Undergraduate Studies (OMUS), which handles the room assignments for freshmen, and the Housing Services (HS), which supervises residence, ereinterviewed to find out possible solution to the problem.

In response to the requests for remodeling in the survey, Lee Su-woo, the HS team leader, clarified that POSTECH had started its remodeling of the living quarters since 2012 starting from the apartment 1 and that when the remodeling started, RC 20 was one of the best apartments out there. Currently, seven undergraduate apartments are left to be remodeled with projected culmination year of 2021 and graduate apartments that are projected end in 2024. Lee affirmed that “RC 20 will not be remodeled at least until 2024.” But Lee asserted that there will be repairs for any damages.

One of many complaints regarding RC 20 was that it has a soft spot for earthquake; Feb.11 this year, when there was a level 4.6 earthquake at POSTECH, the wall between the hall and the bedroom collapsed, but thankfully no one was injured. The HS repaired the floor and confirmed that the apartment is safe now. As to the washing machine, the problems were that there is not enough of them and that they are unclean. Lee clarified that if the residents vote on the matter and the head of the RC 20 requests for the rental washing machine, then POSTECH will provide them without hesitation.

As to the matter of room assignments, the Residence Assistants (RA) are given the authority. They realized that students are more comfortable and closer with their subclasses and decided to put them on the same floor. However, because RC 21 can accommodate only 606 students and freshmen and sophomores combined count way more than this maximum capacity, RC 20 had to be used. So, currently the subclasses 5 and 9, and some of the subclasses 6 and 8 are living in RC 20. The head of OMUS, Hwang Byoeng-suk, asserted that OMUS and the RAs are trying their best to find the solution.

At the end of the interview, Hwang wanted to point out that “OMUS knows what the complaints are and that while they are trying to find the solution, a perfect solution that satisfies everyone is challenging to find.” Also, Lee wanted to ask the students to “respect the facilities and each other.”