‘Beom-In’ Will Be the First MUC
‘Beom-In’ Will Be the First MUC
  • Reporter Kim Su-min
  • 승인 2018.05.10 10:29
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▲The president and vice president of MUC, Lee Sin-beom (right) and Ham Beom-ju
▲The president and vice president of MUC, Lee Sin-beom (right) and Ham Beom-ju

On April 23 and 24, the election for the first Mueunjae Undergraduate Council (MUC) was held. There were two candidate campaigns: ‘Garo-Sero’ consisting of candidate Lee Ji-eun (Mueunjae 18) and her running mate Go Ye-song (Mueunjae 18), and ‘Beom-In’ consisting of candidate Lee Sin-beom (Mueunjae 18) and his running mate Ham Beom-ju (Mueunjae 18). Finally, Lee Sin-beom and Ham Beom-ju were elected president and vice president of MUC respectively.

Among 315 qualified voters, 242 voters participated in the election – 2 votes were not recorded on the list, recording a percent error of 0.826%. 143 voters voted for ‘Beom-In’, 89 voted for ‘Garo-Sero’, and 10 submitted under votes. By applying the rule of election management bylaws Article 83 Clause 3, the ‘Beom-In’ campaign was elected. Voter turnout was 76.8%, which is much higher than the voter turnout of 55.4% for the UA election.

During the 7 day election campaign period from April 16 to 22, each campaign posted election posters all over the campus, distributed pamphlets that briefly introduced their pledges, uploaded their pledge lists on the Student Lounge of POVIS, and uploaded card news explaining their pledges in detail on their Facebook pages. On April 17, pledge presentations and a joint debate was held. PBS and POSTECH YOUNG’s Science posted major parts of these presentations in forms of video clips and card news, respectively, on their Facebook pages.

The ‘Garo-Sero’ campaign’s four main pledges were (1) Communication (2) Information Delivery (3) Exchanges between Undergraduates (4) Establishing the Foundation of MFA. In order to achieve these pledges, they promised communication between undergraduates and the Office of the Mueunjae Undergraduate Studies, help for freshmen to acclimatize to POSTECH and make informed decisions about choosing their major, matching a senior with a junior, holding e-sports class competitions, matching classes, organizing four departments, and formulating regulations.

The ‘Beom-In’ campaign’s three main pledges were (1) POSTECH x Unite (2) POSTECH X Communication (3) POSTECH X Convenience. They also promised to organize five departments: a planning department, a mileage department, a communications department, a class leader association department, and a general affairs department. To achieve these pledges, they promised to plan united class events, formulate regulations, operate a mileage program, make a brochure for freshmen, hold an Undergraduate Council, and establish a rental service.

The Postech Times sought out several members of the MUC and interviewed a few of them: Hwang Byeong-suk (Director, Office of Mueunjae Undergraduate Studies) and Lee Sin-beom and Ham Beom-ju.