POSTECH and Yonsei University Unite
POSTECH and Yonsei University Unite
  • Reporter Lee Jun-yong
  • 승인 2018.03.28 13:10
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▲President Kim Yong-Hak (left) and Kim Doh-Yeon are shaking hands.
▲President Kim Yong-Hak (left) and Kim Doh-Yeon are shaking hands.

On March 5, POSTECH and Yonsei University established a full cooperation model to respond to current changes in the global environment and to lead the evolution of education.

Education will be affected greatly. POSTECH, a national representative of science and technology, and Yonsei, a prestigious university with a profound history will join forces to create a high-level co-education system that encompasses both a professional and well-rounded education. The two universities will share lectures and grades starting this year, ultimately allowing for a joint degree from both universities. New programs will be developed and introduced, such as an intensive lecture system, short-term curriculum certification (Nano Degree), and a modular curriculum. Specifically, the two institutions aim to create a digitalized open educational platform to share content, and ultimately, share it with other universities.

Research also will be energized. Professors from both universities will be engaged in joint research and will be appointed as mutual professors. Other resources such as research centers, laboratories, platforms based on MOOC (POSTECHx) will also be shared to create the best research teams and facilities. The two universities’ research force will be focused on solving problems that humanity will face in the future. As a result, fulfilling the social responsibility of a university. In addition, institutes are going to be established for better cooperation. Those institutes will be designed to connect industry, education and research, forming an integral model to create new socioeconomic values.

Creating a ‘blockchain campus’ is also considered to be an important plan. Through blockchain technology, the two universities are seeking effortless resource sharing, ultimately tearing down the boundary between the two different campuses.

“In the era of sudden change and various challenges, universities need outright cooperation that exceeds conventions in order to stay devoted to our mission: to educate, to research, and to contribute to society,” said Kim Doh-Yeon, president of POSTECH. “Through this cooperation, we hope to contribute to the future by suggesting a way of evolution for universities in our nation.”

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