2018 Orientation - Welcome Freshmen
2018 Orientation - Welcome Freshmen
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▲Freshmen listening to the orientation program introduction at the auditorium
▲Freshmen listening to the orientation program introduction at the auditorium

First, freshmen entering POSTECH tour campus and meet seniors for freshmen orientation. This orientation is held on Feb. 10 to Feb. 13, and freshmen start their first semester after a 4-day long weekend. To help freshmen adapt to POSTECH, orientation involves some educational and recreational activities. To learn what is different from the last year and what has changed, The Postech Times interviewed the chairman of the freshmen orientation committee Hong Eun-seok (LIFE 16) and the freshmen guide Son Hyung-jin (EEE 17), who are planning and preparing the orientation.

Q. Does the new curriculum have any influence on the 2018 orientation?

Although the new curriculum is applied to freshmen this year, there is no great change in the 2018 orientation. It is hard to add a new program to orientation due to a lack of time. However, the first meeting & luncheon with the professors who are taking care of each class, and adding student advisors for each class are new elements to the orientation. Through this meeting, the committee looks forward to strengthening the bond between each class.

Q. Introduce the class cooperative activities that are planned for orientation.

As the committee prepared last year, there are three programs. The Web game is an activity in which class members are encouraged to cooperate with each other. Also, the class travels campus, Mission tour which consists of several mini games is ready to go. Lastly, an icebreaking activity that encourages freshman to interact warmly with each other is ready for all students!

Q. Describe your impression as freshmen guide and class president.

Actually, I am not sure if I can lead the freshmen well. I feel a heavy responsibility toward my duty. However, I am also excited to meet new faces, so I will try to make a useful and healthy orientation to help all freshmen that have to study away from their home at POSTECH.

Q. Will Lost Memory and the repay event be held after orientation?

The 2018 Orientation does not allow time to introduce Lost Memory. Furthermore, there are some opposing opinions concerning safety. Most freshmen are not familiar and experienced with alcohol, so I think if this event is not ready officially, it should be avoided.

In case of the repay event, I think whether the event is held or not should be decided by each freshman class. Our class decided not to inform the existence of the repay event to freshmen because the cost freshmen have to pay is usually high and can be a heavy burden for some new students.

Both interviewees hope that new Postechians pioneers his or her own way. Chairman Hong mentioned that “Maybe you study hard, or participate in club activities. It is okay whatever it is, but do not lose control of your campus life. It will be regretful if you wander and only try various things but do not finish. Try to find the work that you can deeply concentrate on. That will be your confidence and breakthrough for your stress.” Guide Son added that “Finding your own way to study is one of the most important duties as a Postechian. The way the majority follows is not always true.” Specifically, Son advised about studying in POSTECH. “If you were not a science high school student, academic affairs can be hard at first. However, based on your efforts, you can catch up to those students and also can keep your scholarship, so do not worry about it. Set clear goals and do your best regarding academic affairs.” About developing relationships on campus, Son recommended to join a club. He said “Through clubs, you can meet various kinds of people who you would never have a chance to meet if you don’t join that club.