Getting Over It
Getting Over It
  • Reporter Lee Jun-yong
  • 승인 2018.02.09 12:27
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An infant, with a lightning scar on his forehead, whose parents are murdered by the greatest sorcerer of the era, grows up to become a wizard, and overthrows the whole wizard community controlled by his parents' killer, and kills his nemesis. A princess, whose family is murdered by a usurper, loses everything and flees away from the continent, but comes back with the whole Dothraki fleet at her command and three dragons to protect her.
We all have an epic novel that we love. In these novels, the main protagonist goes through a perilous crisis. The heroic character might look weak against a formidable enemy, and even might get injured during the battle. However, our character somehow achieves victory, and the story ends, giving us readers a happy smile. The more impossible it looks for our champion to succeed, the more immersive the story becomes, and we readers fall in love with the novel.
The first year in POSTECH wasn’t the easiest thing that I encountered in my life. It was a precarious endeavor, being chased by all sorts of deadlines and due dates. Without full awareness of the infamous freshmen year of POSTECH and the load of each course, I joined the Postech Times and a student club. Even though I don’t regret doing so, still, I can’t refrain from telling that it screwed up my life.
The strange and funny curse that the decision casted upon my life was that somehow, something that needed immediate attention always existed. Even though I finished my assignments, there were articles to write, or there was a performance to prepare for. Exams could be approaching. To make things worse, these things never approached me alone. The great cluster of due dates robbed me of my time, sleep, health, food, friends, and welfare; leaving gifts called stress and anxiety.
If things worked out well, and I finished all my tasks, leaving myself with a few days of freedom and peace, viruses tended to knock me down, leaving me incapable of doing anything. That frustration was the most painful part. Psychologically unstable, sometimes I ended up giving up from even trying to make an effort.
Running away from the workload is the easiest solution. However, doing so betrays your hard work in the past. Rather, lets hold on. The more invincible the situation seems, the more epic your novel will be. Rather than quoting the enervating and banal words, ‘crisis is an opportunity’, imagine a novel with yourself as the main character. There isn’t a captivating tale that I have heard of, where the main character takes flight from the antagonist or a desperate situation. Let’s make our life story a breathtaking one.