Can The Majority Represent The Opinions of The Minority?
Can The Majority Represent The Opinions of The Minority?
  • Reporter Park Hee-won
  • 승인 2018.02.09 12:26
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To start with, I was very shocked with a sexual crime committed by a freshman when I entered POSTECH. I expected no one would be a victim of these crimes anymore at that time, however small. However, I realized deep-rooted, ugly injustice was around me. It was far from what I had been expecting before. I heard sexual objectification of females by a bunch of male students in a nearby pub. I heard an evident expression of hate toward minorities, such as women and queer people. I felt disgusted and could not say a word in those moments of injustice. I was afraid how I might be seen to them and did not want to stand out.
I found out not only me but a few friends of mine are feeling the same thing, too. They were uncomfortable with the social framing, such as calling themselves feminists. Feminism is the notion that claims that all human beings should be treated equally, regardless of their sex and gender. When introducing themselves as feminists, men regarded them as ‘Megalians’, and that feminism should be less radical. Here, my first question is, can the majority decide the needs of the minority? I saw a celebrity in SNS who defined what feminism is and claimed that he is one of them. Ironically, he was supported by people on the Internet sites that were hostile to feminism with no duty or women who claim their rights. Then, my ultimate question is, “can the majority represent the opinions of the minority?”
We are now living in the world full of diversity. We cannot understand other people unless we stand in their shoes. For the mainstream who are privileged to have the power, it is difficult to understand the hardships of others. We should know that all people are the minority in any form. Some people perceive that minorities have certain advantages. Consequently, leaving opportunities of the major impaired, which is not true. It is just breaking the old-fashioned shackles from the minority, who had been discriminated unreasonably.
I believe all people should be treated equally. Also, we should always be aware of irrational injustice as members of our society. As a minority in some regards, I encountered a few people who asserted that they understand the difficulties that I face, which is ridiculous and hypocritical. I finally concluded that the majority cannot represent the opinions of the minority, but the former should strive to understand the inequalities and attempt to improve society, rather than standing with their arms. The latter should be eager to attain their rights, promote them, and protect them. Through this, I hope the world with sunshine to all people.