2018 Is The Accelerating Year For The Future
2018 Is The Accelerating Year For The Future
  • Kwon Hyuk-sang Job Development
  • 승인 2018.01.01 15:24
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Beyond the many incidents in 2017, 2018 Musul year’s new sun has risen with much energy. In the last year, there have been a lot of events to the society, POSTECH, and even myself. Through the ‘candle revolution’, the unprecedented impeachment of president occurred and the early election was conducted. It was also the busy year that our university met 30th anniversary and all the members cooperated for the great leap to fulfill the founding philosophy.
On the other hand, huge earthquake struck our city, incurred significant property damage and citizens’ fear. Citizens near Pohang trembled before the incessant aftershocks for the several weeks. POSTECH is making an effort on giving aids for those who suffered the serious damage from earthquake. Following the POSTECH’s founding philosophy, I hope Postechians may practice the voluntary works and contribution to the society this year.
The damage caused by the earthquake in POSTECH was relatively small. As introduced in Chosun Daily’s article, it is due to the late Tae-joon Park founding chairman’s will of principal construction and the safe structure. This provides a meaningful lesson to us. We should ponder that ‘conviction based upon principles’ is the key spirit of value realization in our university, which is also the key to POSTECH’s goal, ‘a leap to the Value Creating University’ – connect the talented people and knowledge value by creating the business and jobs, directly contributing to the social and economic progress.  
Another major outcome that we have made with the conviction is that POSTECH was selected to accelerator consignment operating institute. To prepare the consignment operating proposal in given short writing period, all of the relevant members cooperated and suggested various ideas and causes why POSTECH should be chosen by operating institute with the conviction based upon principles.  
As we always have done, for the new leap and leading role of POSTECH’s new value, the Value Creating University’, Postechians have finished all possible preparations to show our power over the possibility. Through choice and focus, members’ sympathy and the conviction based upon the principle, I hope the New Year could be the year POSTECH accelerate for the future leap.
Hope that year 2018 will be a happy and meaningful new year to all Postechians.