POSTECH Student Wins Korean Science Literature Award
POSTECH Student Wins Korean Science Literature Award
  • Reporter Kim Su-min
  • 승인 2017.12.06 00:58
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▲ Kim Cho-yeop (CE, M.S. candidate)
Kim Cho-yeop (CE, M.S. candidate) was awarded the grand prize with ‘Loss in the Jurisdiction’ and the runner-up with ‘If We Cannot Go at the Speed of Light’ at the 2nd Korean Science Literature Awards. The ‘Loss in the Jurisdiction’ is set in the mind library, where people can engage with a person’s mind vividly through a connector, whenever they want, even though the person has died. ‘If We Cannot Go at the Speed of Light’ is set in a space station. Many judges have praised her novels as elegant and beautiful Science Fiction.
Kim said "Since I was a teenager, I was curious about the chemicals used in real life, so when I applied for medicine, I searched for the ingredients one by one." Kim said that POSTECH gave her an opportunity to develop her talents and satisfy her intellectual curiosity through various internal and external activities. "I usually get ideas from scientific magazines, columns, and majors and develop them by connecting them together. The Professors and faculty at POSTECH are very interested in students, so they pay attention to students' small talents and create many opportunities. I think it is one of POSTECH’s great strengths."

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