POSTECH Fosters Start-up Talents
POSTECH Fosters Start-up Talents
  • Reporter Park Min-young
  • 승인 2016.05.04 17:02
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“Gwa Mae Ki” is an abbreviation of a Korean phrase that means “very attractive technology foundation contest.” This year is the second year the contest will be held. All Postechians who want to participate can apply as a team or individually. The contest will be on May 27 and participants were invited to join a program on Apr. 8-9 to learn more about the contest.
The field for start-up has no limitation and all participants should submit business plans through e-mail. On May 27, the contest will be held in POSCO International Center. Six prizes will be awarded: one first-place prize, two second-place prizes, and three third-place prizes. Prize money is 3 million, 1 million, and half a million KRW, respectively. Prize recipients can also join start-up contests for universities of science and technology and other start-up programs abroad. Also, teams who recieve first and second prize are supported 30 million KRW for prototyping and 10 million KRW for evaluating business feasibility.