Introducing Five Spotlighted Technologies
Introducing Five Spotlighted Technologies
  • Reporter Chung Sung-joon
  • 승인 2015.01.01 12:44
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People continue to crave convenience and an improved standard of living where dissa- tisfactions and inequa- lities are absent. Such a utopian, ideal society was merely a dream that was impossible to achieve. Fortunately, rapid technological advancement has provided greater oppo-rtunities in many aspects that led to the world we live in today. But there is obviously more room for development. The following technologies are a few of the many spotlighted technologies that would brighten up the future: optogenetics, self-treatment of autoimmune diseases, 4D printing, auto-transportation system, and cloud security.
Optogenetic technology allows control of genetically modified neuron cells by using a light source to selectively stimulate or suppress them to induce a certain effect. With this technology, brain mapping, use of gene therapy to treat various neurological diseases, and recovery of vision can be achieved. Illnesses such as depression and shock that need psychological treatment can be cured with this technology as well. Negative memories can be converted into positive ones in a form of treatment for the aforementioned psychological illnesses.
The next technology deals with treating autoimmune diseases that occur when a body’s immune system identifies tissues as foreign and releases immune cells that attack them, leading to inflammation. This self-treatment technique would overcome the existing problem of prescribing immunosu-ppressants, which weaken the body’s immune system. Unfortunately, various problems behind the complicated mechanisms involved in these diseases have yet to be solved.
4D printing utilizes 3D printing techniques to create an object with the power to transform itself into a new shape. Without any human intervention, these objects would be able to use heat energy, gravity, vibration and even aerodynamics as sources of energy to assemble into a new form. In other words, this technique can later be used in places of extreme environment - 3D-printed objects would “adapt” according to the environment by making use of an energy source.
The next spotlighted technology is the one that involves auto-transportation system. People will be able to control automobiles, airplanes, and ships from distant places. If this technology were to be commercialized, it would be adopted into our everyday life such as transportation of various goods, promoting convenience and efficiency.
The last technology is called cloud security technology; recently there have been many cases involving cyber-attacks such as hacking and leakage of personal information. This technology ensures that such problems will be prevented.
Clearly, these technologies have yet to be specified and realized. However, it is significant that once they are integrated into our lives, they will create a place better and safer world for us to live in.