Commencement Ceremony for the 2022 Academic Year
Commencement Ceremony for the 2022 Academic Year
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▲President Moo Hwan Kim
▲ President Moo Hwan Kim

 Good morning. I am Moo Hwan Kim, the president of POSTECH. 
 Let me begin by sincerely applauding the 754 graduates who have overcome the unexpected crisis and difficulties to complete their long arduous academic journey. Graduates, please give yourselves and your classmates a warm round of applause, and distinguished guests, please join us in showing our appreciation for their growth. 
 Hats off to you. I believe your accomplishments are all the more glorious for having been achieved during an unprecedented crisis. 
 I would like to take this opportunity to express my deep appreciation to the parents and family members, faculty and staff, and all other Postechians who have supported and encouraged our students to become the leaders who will serve our nation and humanity.
 Let me thank all guests, including Ambassador of Israel to Korea Akiva Tor and Chairman of POSTECH Foundation Jeong-woo Choi for joining us today to congratulate these wonderful talents, who are taking their first step into the world. I am especially grateful to Chairman Choi for his unwavering support for the essential educational programs and research activities these students need. 
 To the graduates, who have turned a crisis into an opportunity! 
 Today is the day you finally complete your studies and enter society as scientists and engineers. My future fellows and colleagues, I have one question for you: Were your minds destined to be those of a scientist and an engineer from birth? 
 No, I don’t believe so. The human brain is not confined to certain functions. On the contrary, it continues to adapt to external changes. Even if a surgical procedure removes half of a child's brain, the other half takes over all the brain functions. This complex organ has the ability to rewire or reroute itself to recover from the damage. Let me put it this way. Our brains do not have inherent limitations. Therefore, you were not destined to be, but have developed into scientists or engineers as experiences reorganized neural pathways in your brains.
 I am a good example. As a high school student, I aspired to become a diplomat like Otto von Bismarck of Germany. My inspiration came from reading his biography. However, the first oil crisis erupted right before I entered college. And I had to choose nuclear engineering instead of liberal arts, which became a turning point of my life. I am sure you’ve had such turning points, that you just didn't recognize at the time.
 My beloved graduates! 
 The diploma you will be receiving soon is a testament to your academic performance over the years but does not decide your future. The grades you have received reflect your efforts over the past few years but do not guarantee your future success.
 In that sense, we adopted a big change to this year's commencement ceremony. Bachelor's and Master's degrees used to be granted only to the department representatives on the podium. This year, all graduates will receive their diplomas via the metaverse. A commencement ceremony is not a place to award summa cum laude but to congratulate all graduates on their academic completion. It is only regrettable that we could not invite all of you to the podium just like we do for PhDs.
 A blank canvas awaits you, now that you have your diploma. Nothing is predestined and no one can predict the outcome. Therefore, it is not the name of your alma mater or your major that completes and determines you. The executive decision-maker of your life is you. Only you.
 Never confine yourself to your school or major. Refrain from limiting yourself. The removal of half our brain is a traumatic change, but it optimizes to cope with life. We need such agility to live in this rapidly changing world. Always seek out new things, and actively and flexibly adapt to novelty.
 What you have learned and experienced during your POSTECH years will nourish your life. From this launch pad, dare to go higher and reach further in to your future.
 However, never forget that we are obligated to be considerate of the weak, tell right from wrong, and have the ethics and courage to choose right in all situations. No matter how this world and the future change, talent without morality impedes social and national progress. Conversely, ethics and morals will save you when the going gets tough, enabling you to take on new challenges. 
 To you, proud graduates! 
 Thank you for overcoming the struggles brought on by COVID-19 and rising to the expectations of POSTECH and our faculty. Looking back on what you have done convinces me that you will excel in all you do. It may not look significant to you, but each and every one of your days will decorate the history of POSTECH and serve as an example, inspiring those who will follow.
 Both POSTECH and Postechians will be your supporters and cheering squad so that you will never tire in your effort to advance toward your dreams. POSTECH will continue to change and innovate in order to remain a university that always lives up to the expectations and honor of its graduates.
 Thank you.