Prof. Moonhor Ree Received Toray Polymer Prize
Prof. Moonhor Ree Received Toray Polymer Prize
  • Reporter Reo Ye-jin
  • 승인 2012.10.17 17:31
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Moonhor Ree (Chem) was awa- ded the first Toray polymer prize giv- en by The Polymer Society of Korea. Based on polymer chemistry and polymer physics, Prof. Ree has deve- loped new materials that intensify the function of dielectric substances and semiconductors. Therefore, he was recognized for his contribution to the advance of high techpolymer semic- onductor and display material. The prize was given at Changwon Exibition Convention Center on Oct. 11.
Toray polymer prize is given to a member of The Polymer Society of Korea who contributed to the development of polymer science through their unique research outcome. With Samsung polymer academic award, Toray polymer prize is the best award given by the Polymer Society of Korea. It started to be granted since 2012 with financial support from Toray Advanced Materials Korea Inc.