Unveiling the Magic: The Enchantment of Fragrances
Unveiling the Magic: The Enchantment of Fragrances
  • Reporter Lee Jin-ho
  • 승인 2024.05.20 17:29
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▲The moment of blending / vitographer.com
▲The moment of blending / vitographer.com

  When someone passes by your side, the magic of scents unfolds, which quells a loud atmosphere for a moment. The wind carries the scent of fine flowers, and the sunlight wraps around the warm perfume. You feel that this street is like a scene from a novel, and at the heart of its beauty is fragrance. Fragrances give us new senses to our emotions, as if they are magical journeys. They may make someone stand out in themselves.

  Fragrances have long been in our lives. Ancient Egyptians considered them sacred, and in medieval Europe, they symbolized passion and love. Even today, scents play an important role in our daily lives. When we smell a certain scent, it reminds us of our childhood memories, and we can feel the emotions from that time as if we fell in love again. Fragrance is like a magic key that takes us through time. 

  However, fragrances can have a social impact beyond our personal experiences. Perfumes are an important factor in our impressions and they help express our confidence and professionalism in business and social gatherings. Many people also use fragrances to create an atmosphere which can be used to enhance or change one’s image, thereby enhancing one’s persuasiveness and expressing one’s opinion to another. This power of fragrances has been recognized throughout the world, beyond languages and cultures. It is like a journey of scent taken by across the globe.

  Making a perfume is a combination of science and art. In this process, a perfumer creates a special scent by combining various raw materials. First, it is important to determine the base of the fragrance. The foundation of a perfume uses bases including alcohol, water, and oil, which affect the product’s properties and durability. Once you have decided on the base, you can create the desired perfume by mixing various scents. The fragrances are extracted from a variety of natural products, such as plants, flowers, trees, and fruits, each of which gives the perfume its special characteristics. 

  Also, perfumers consider a variety of notes when combining fragrances. Usually, perfumes consist of top notes, middle notes, and base notes. Top notes are scents that you detect when you first wear perfume – they usually have refreshing and lightweight properties. The middle notes appear after the top notes disappear and show the essence of perfumes. The base notes are the longest-lasting scents, forming the deep scent of perfumes. Based on these principles, perfumers optimize the characteristics of perfumes by combining various perfumes. It is common to design top notes in flower scents and base notes in woody scents to bring out the person’s overall atmosphere. Handling scents in our daily lives is also a form of blending. We experience scents not only in perfumes but also in various objects and foods around us. For example, fragrances from detergents, shampoos, perfumes, and foods and beverages are all the result of combinations and designs.

  The scent is a magical element that makes our lives more abundant, and the process of making perfume is like a trip where we explore the world of fragrance. The process stimulates our emotions and is a central character who sings fantastic songs in our lives. This is the amazing gift that scent gives us.