‘Black Swan’ Metal That Breaks Ohm’s Law Founded
‘Black Swan’ Metal That Breaks Ohm’s Law Founded
  • Reporter Lee Mi-Yeon
  • 승인 2017.11.01 14:30
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Professor Kim Jee-hoon (PHYS) of Daegu University's joint research team discovered that Ohm’s rule doesn’t apply in bismuth antimonide crystal (BiSb). In this metal, the electrical resistance is not constant but changes with voltage. This research result is an event that can completely change the current electronic engineering that is built on Ohm’s law. Indeed, it is difficult to predict how to it will apply. However, Prof. Kim explained “by using electrons that run without power loss with no resistance, a completely different concept of metal transistors can be created. It could be extremely fast compared to the conventional semiconductors, and power consumption is extremely low.” This achievement was published in Nature Materials.

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