GIFT Research Team Awarded Grossman Young Author Award
GIFT Research Team Awarded Grossman Young Author Award
  • Reporter Park Hee-won
  • 승인 2017.11.01 14:28
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Professor Kang Youn-bae and Ph.D. Jung Sung-hoon of GIFT(Graduate Institute of Ferrous Technology) were awarded the 2017 Grossman Young Author Award of ‘ASM International (American Society for Metal)’. It is a prize of top honor in the metal and material fields amongst researchers under 40, whose paper has been published in the Metallurgical & Materials Transactions A & B journal. They succeed in investigating vaporization behavior of Cu and Sn for the first time. Also, they developed a model that can predict the velocity of evaporation refining in ‘Simultaneous Evaporation of Cu and Sn from Liquid Steel’, a project which was supported by POSCO. This paper is known for its excellence from its publication and was chosen as ‘Editor’s choice for Open Access’ and in addition, will also be, ‘this week’s featured article’ in the International Metallographic Society. The award ceremony took place in 2017 MS&T(Materials Science & Technology) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on Oct.10.

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