Graphene Based Superconductor Pairing Finally Materialized
Graphene Based Superconductor Pairing Finally Materialized
  • Reporter Gwak Jun-ho
  • 승인 2017.11.01 14:25
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▲ Graphene based vertical form of superconductor paring
When a thin layer of conductor is placed between superconductors, supercurrent with no resistance flows between them. Such phenomenon, as according to Jospehson superconductor effect, had been brought into manufacture by complicated process of rendering evaporation of superconductors on conductors through multiple stages of evaporation. In this research, superconductor pairing with strong coherence characteristic has been materialized by simply decaling NbSe2 superconducting material on single layer of graphene in nanoscale.
Professor Lee Hu-jong (PHYS) and his research team achieved vertical form of superconductor pairing in which graphene is sandwiched between two superconductor poles by decaling graphene and NbSe2 superconductor in sequence. Such created superconductor pairing has strong characteristic of coherence and quantum interference, and can be utilized in various areas such as Quantum Interference Device, cubit device, etc. Prof. Lee remarked that “based on this research, we are looking forward to not only the development of graphene-superconductor quantum device, but also various applications of graphene on Van der Waals quantum pairings.” The research was published on the newest issue of Nano Letters