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A Highly Efficient Two-dimensional Semiconductor Developed
[389호] 2017년 10월 11일 (수) Reporter Lee Mi-yeon .
Professor Jo Moon-ho (MSE) and Yeom Han-woong (PHYS) have developed a new two-dimensional semiconductor by selectively controlling metallicity and semiconducting properties. The research team changed two-dimensional potential barriers into a one-dimension on the same atomic layer and synthesized the transition-metal chalcogenides, a two dimensional semiconductor material. The research team discovered that they could selectively control the property of semiconducting and metallicity according to the deposition temperature synthesizing MoTe2 by chemical vapor deposition. Furthermore, the research team succeed in synthesizing to a large extent on the same atomic layer. Prof. Jo said, “this discovery of synthesizing two-dimensional novel materials in atomic layer can be directly applied to new semiconductor technology.” The results of this research were published in Nature Nanotechnology.
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