Controlling the Band Gap Using Bernal-stacked Graphene
Controlling the Band Gap Using Bernal-stacked Graphene
  • Reporter Lee Ha-jun
  • 승인 2017.10.11 01:09
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Graphene has gathered expectations as a new material that is perfect for electric devices. There was one problem. Graphene has no band gap which can control electric flow. Professor Cho Kil-won’s team (CE) composed graphene into a bernal-stacked multilayer, giving it a band gap to solve the problem. This was possible using a catalyst made by attaching a thin film of nickel onto the copper circuit board, controlling the number of layers. Prof. Cho said, “Band gap controlling is a source technology related to commercialization, and is expecting it to make great contributions in developing flexible mechanical devices.” This achievement is introduced in the academic journal Advanced Materials.

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