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Highly Efficient, Eco-friendly Perovskite Develope
[389호] 2017년 10월 11일 (수) Reporter Lee Il-bong .
 Lee Joon-woo (CE, Ph.D. Integrated), Mahdi Malekshahi Byranvand (CE, Post Doctorate), and Professor Park Tai-ho (CE) has developed a hole-transporting material for perovskite solar cell which is eco-friendly, stable and having high efficiency. Relevant accomplishments were announced to Journal of the American Chemical Society. Compared to silicon, perovskite can be prepared thinner and cheaper, and it is a notable subject throughout the world. The point is to enhance its efficiency and stability, and our research team has made it. They also focused on the shape of the hole transportation layer. Previously, scientists employed additives to elevate the charge transportation efficiency. In this method, efficiency falls off as the time pass, and it degrades the stability of the cell. The research team connected single molecules into long chain, and increased the polymer efficiency by 18.3% without additives. It showed the highest efficiency among the polymer hole transportation materials that have been reported. Researcher Lee Joon-woo mentioned, “The solubility has been drastically increased without the change of photoelectrical property, and the efficiency has also been increased by newly adopted polymer material, I expect this result will make a huge impact to conductive polymer industry.”
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