Resolution as a Junior Reporter
Resolution as a Junior Reporter
  • Reporter Lee Mi-yeon
  • 승인 2017.10.11 01:05
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It is an honor to write a column as a reporter. With a strong ambition of entering the newspaper press, I would like to write down a resolution as a reporter. I am glad to say hello to reporters rather than the readers!
Whenever I read news of current affairs, I look forward to writing articles. However, I am in POSTECH which is almost perfect for acquiring scientific and engineering knowledge. Last semester, I took a writing class, one of the basic liberal arts education requirements. Despite taking this class and having a chance to acquire new knowledge about writing explanation, I faced inadequacies. Looking for something more professional and rewarding, I applied for The Postech Times. At first, I hesitated to apply because of my English ability and my lack of experience related to journalism. However, the desire to write news as a journalist was superior to these flaws and I had goals to achieve as a reporter.
I think deeply about the purpose of a newspaper. The first one is the purpose of reporting. News is objectively communicating about events in society, domestic, foreign, and of course, news inside POSTECH. I will write articles that are based on facts, objective and give readers a sense of trust. Not only will I transfer information, but I will consider readers’ voices about specific problems in POSTECH. As a reporter, I will write articles to help solve these problems whenever Postechians have difficulty.
The second one is the purpose of instruction. As newspapers have direct influence upon readers, I will choose topics with prudence and write balanced and objective positions when handling something controversial. I promise that I will be objective and not be partisan.
The third one is the purpose of entertainment. To break the stereotype that the news is filled only with stiff and rigid stories, I will select subjects that arouse curiosity and offer suggestions. Through the feature section, I would like to write articles about music, youth problems, and criminal events which reflects the social problems.
Sohn Suk-hee is my role model for working in journalism. Watching him on the news, I became aware of the importance of leaving viewers’ with constructive thoughts about social problems. I will keep a sharp eye on issues that occur in society and write articles based on facts. I expect this opportunity will be a chance to raise critical awareness about certain issues. I will keep these resolutions in mind and make a great effort. I will write articles for the readers, by the readers, all the readers!