POSTECH Ranked First for Scholarships Outside Campus
POSTECH Ranked First for Scholarships Outside Campus
  • Reporter Gwak Jun-ho
  • 승인 2017.09.20 07:32
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               ▲ List of universities ranking for scholarship outside the campus

             ▲ List of universities ranking for scholarship inside the campus
POSTECH has been assigned as the top ranking university for its scholarship outside the campus. During last year, POSTECH provided about four hundred million KRW, which was 280,000 KRW per student, for 1,427 graduates/undergraduates in total. Although the scholarship outside the campus of 280,000 KRW per student is comparatively lower than Seoul National University (830,000 KRW), Korea University (330,000 KRW), Yonsei University (310,000 KRW), POSTECH turned out to have provided the most scholarships including state scholarships. POSTECH has given a total of 4.5 billion KRW to 1427 graduates/undergraduates, recording 3.2 million KRW per person. Following were UNIST (2.8 million KRW), KAIST (1.3 million KRW), GIST (710,000 KRW), and DGIST (110,000 KRW). Although UNIST had the most scholarships of about 8.7 billion KRW, the number of students was 3103 which is about twice that of POSTECH. An expert from an educational group stated that, “universities specializing in natural sciences and engineering tend to give much more scholarships compared to other universities, as they provide full scholarships to those students who gain GPA above a certain level.” Tuition fee is relatively cheaper as well. According to Higher Education (HE) in Korea, the sum of the entrance and tuition fee per semester last year was as follows: KAIST (3.8 million KRW), POSTECH (3.4 million KRW), UNIST (3.4 million KRW), Seoul National University (3.2 million KRW) and finally GIST (a million KRW)
Scholarships per student has been calculated by dividing this August’s scholarship data from HE in Korea by the number of students in each university. Scholarships are usually classified into scholarships inside and outside the campus. Scholarships inside the campus includes the dean’s list, low-income groups, labor, and faculty scholarships, while scholarships outside the campus includes national, local government, and other various scholarships. Although scholarships outside the campus wholly belong to the students, some scholarships inside the campus don’t entirely belong to students. In the case of the labor scholarship, students must work in or outside the campus for a specific number of hours to receive a corresponding scholarship.