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Temperature Rise in North Pole Leads to Decline in Plant Activity
[388호] 2017년 09월 20일 (수) Reporter Jeong Yoon-han .
Ice loss due to global warming causes considerable and small-scale changes on Earth; from rising seal levels to jet stream changes. Professor Kug Jong-seong (SSE) and Kim Jin-soo (SSE Ph.D.) discovered that warming in the North Pole causes climates change in mid-latitudes for the first time through a joint research team with Professor Jeong Soo-jong of Southern University of Science and Technology. It is already known that large scale atmospheric circulation such as El Niño affects the ecosystem. The discovery that warming in the North Pole directly affects the mid-latitude ecosystem has drawn a lot of attention since the research team first established this research. This research can later be used to predict grain production in North America from the North Pole’s warming during spring. Thus, helping to cope with future climates change and developing new policies effectively deals with the changes.

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