Advanced Microarray Platform Developed by Professor Kim Joon-won
Advanced Microarray Platform Developed by Professor Kim Joon-won
  • Reporter Park Hee-won
  • 승인 2017.09.20 07:25
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Technology that enables various experiments to be proceeded in one chip was developed by a POSTECH research team. Reduction in time and cost is expected when diagnosing pathogenic diseases and developing new medicines. Professor Kim Joon-won (ME) and his research team developed the original technology ‘Microarray platform based on microfluidics’ which can significantly enhance the analyzing efficiency of chemical and biological materials by controlling micro particles. This achievement was published on the front of academic journal Advanced Materials. Also, it was introduced as noticeable new microarray technology (Playing Pinball at Microscale) at Advanced Science News. Microarray has hundreds of thousands of small regions arrayed to perform mass data analyzing efficiently. However, reactants could be polluted because respective complex reactions in one chip was hard to separate. Accordingly, Prof. Kim and his team made lots of independent rooms including minute membrane structures. And by arranging diverse micro particles at rooms, this allowed reactants unpolluted. Reagents consumption and reaction time can be reduced dramatically. This original technology is also expected to be utilized in virus detection and disease diagnosis.

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