Professor Cha Hyung-joon Develops Biocatalyst from Silk
Professor Cha Hyung-joon Develops Biocatalyst from Silk
  • Reporter Lee Il-bong
  • 승인 2017.09.06 13:36
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POSTECH Professor Cha Hyung-joon(CE) has developed a new protein hydrogel type biocatalyst in cooperation with Professor Kim Chang-sup of Yeungnam University. The catalyst is based on the carbonic anhydrase and silk fiber. Silk fiber has strong physical properties compared to other proteins. The research team focused on the fact that carbonic anhydrase has a non-reactive tyrosine residue, and imitated the silk fiber formation mechanism. The newly developed protein hydrogel catalyst shows superb carbon dioxide transition ability. It also has great flexibility, stiffness, and thermal structural stability. Its high recyclability enables its versatile usage in the industry. Relevant research was published on NPG Asia Materials, the sister journal of the Nature, on Jun. 30. 

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