Evaluating Conscious and Unconsciousness During Anesthesia
Evaluating Conscious and Unconsciousness During Anesthesia
  • Reporter Kim Do-yeong
  • 승인 2017.09.06 13:35
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In a group research project with Professor Noh Gyu-jeong’s team from Asan Medical Center, Professor Kim Seung-hwan and Jung Woo-sung’s (PHYS) team established neuroscience mechanism in regard to the disappearance of consciousness during anesthesia and recovery through analyzing the interaction of a brainwave multi-channel. Through this technology, preventing medical accidents occurring during anesthesia can be possible. Based on the research, POSTECH, Asan Medical Center and a domestic company are developing equipment used in diagnosis of anesthesia using an entropy indicator. Prof. Kim said “There is a possibility for pioneers to explore new medical markets with our domestic medical equipment, thus,not relying on foreign technologies from basic research to applied development and clinic.”

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