Reporter Kim Do-yeong
Reporter Kim Do-yeong
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Last May, Postechians were awarded the grand prize and participation prize in the Land, Infrastructure and Transport Technology Fair hosted by the Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement.
Ha Seok-jin (MSE 12), Kim Geon-ho (MSE 12) and Kim Gyeong-jun (MSE 12) proposed ‘Automatic Drain Deposit Removal System’ as a solution to recent flooding damage occurred by localized heavy rain. This system uses the Archimedes screw and Porous Asphalt. If deposits like dirt enter the drain with rainwater, they are filtered by Porous Asphalt and deposits are moved to a separate storage element by the Archimedes screw. What is noticeable was that the energy source to drive this system comes from waterpower generation and solar power generation. This method of generation does not require much cost for maintenance.
Kim Jun-hwan (MSE 13), Lee Gang-san (MSE 13) and Choi Jin-hyeok (MSE 13) also presented the ‘Drone Delivery Packaging and Delivery Reception System’. Once a drone drops a package on an apartment rooftop, reception equipment moves the package to a storage box in an elevator. They solved the risk that a package can be damaged by using Lenz’s law. This system achieves recognition in that it mirrors well Korea’s dwelling infrastructure, which is mostly composed of apartments or complex houses, so it was awarded a participation prize.

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