POSTECH and SNUE’s Joint Educational Service
POSTECH and SNUE’s Joint Educational Service
  • Reporter Lee Jun-yong
  • 승인 2017.09.06 13:33
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POSTECH’s Student Union and SNUE (Seoul National University of Education) hosted the third annual voluntary educational program from Aug. 12 to Aug. 15 at POSTECH. They utilized SNUE’s systematic teaching methods and Postechians’ academic skills for a nearby elementary school’s senior students.
The undergraduates of the colleges were combined and divided into five teams to teach science. After looking through elementary school textbooks, they carefully organized concepts to teach. They prepared an advanced class compared to the kids’ usual curriculum, and designed experiments, to be conducted by the young students. They used everyday objects to draw their pupils’ enthusiasm. With carbonated beverages, they described the properties of gases, while teaching surface tension and buoyancy with boats. Through stacking books and balancing pictures, they explained the center of gravity and force dispersion.
A volunteer of the event commented that it was a fine experience. “Meeting other students in another university broadened my knowledge and experience, as their thoughts and lives were very different” he said, “also, teaching kids acquainted me with methods for the popularization of science.”

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