‘Anti Nasal Dust’ is Under Development by Lee Doo-yeol
‘Anti Nasal Dust’ is Under Development by Lee Doo-yeol
  • Reporter Park Hee-won
  • 승인 2017.09.06 13:33
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Lee Doo-yeol (MSE 11) is developing a fine dust blocking agent ‘Anti Nasal Dust’ with new material technology. Presently, people use masks or nasal filters to block fine dusts. However, the dust blocking agent that Lee is developing is a ‘spraying’ dust block. He said, “I began to think that we need a new filtering block after the news that fine dust will affect Korea more severely. My colleagues and I are making the best use of our major to develop new material and technology.”
‘Anti Nasal Dust’ consists of zeolite particles and hyaluronic acid. Zeolite is a very tiny dust filtering particle that lets charged particles absorb in empty spaces. Hyaluronic acid helps zeolite attach to a nose. These two ingredients are biomaterials that are suitable for people. Fine dust filters lasts more than two hours since it is sprayed inside the nose.
Yet, ‘Anti Nasal Dust’ is in its development in a POSTECH laboratory. Lee is busy preparing an original technology patent application. Technology development, company management and financial problems need to be overcome, but he will not give up because latent customers are waiting eagerly for this product. He is currently doing his best to release ‘Anti Nasal Dust’ as soon as possible.

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