The Distinguished Educator in POSTECH
The Distinguished Educator in POSTECH
  • Reporter Kim Do-yeong
  • 승인 2017.05.24 20:40
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Professor Suh Suk-Hwan (GEM) received the Distinguished Educator Award given by the Industrial Engineering and Operation Management (IEOM) on Apr. 12 at the international conference. IEOM academy is a place for debate and sharing each professor’s research output about industrial engineering. Prof. Suh earned his degree respectively from Korea University, KAIST, and Ohio State University. Since he proceeded to POSTECH as a professor, he served the first director of GEM and the chairperson of The Korean Society of Systems Engineering. The committee of IEOM spoke “Prof. Suh have achieved absolute teaching and research activities during the last 30 years. Moreover, he contributed to the establishment and management of a graduate of engineering which was tried in domestic for the first time in 2011.”

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