POSTECH Science and Engineering Festival
POSTECH Science and Engineering Festival
  • Reporter Park Geun-woo
  • 승인 2017.05.24 20:39
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POSTECH Science and Engineering Festival(POSEF) is a new kind of POSTECH festival that premiered on May 12, and took place at two floors of Student Union Building, POSCO International Center, and two Sunrise Festival booths below 78 Stairs. POSEF was organized by ten Postechians, including faculty member Jang Soo-young from Student Support Division. The event has been in design since last summer. The main purpose of the event was to make POSTECH’s name well-known, and let people have fun with science and let Postechians get to make what they want, with full support. POSEF Organizing Committee aimed their priority on the student participants who will take booths on the day and interact with the audience. Entry was separated into two categories; Exhibition, where the makers share ideas behind their inventions, and Experiences, which focuses more on interaction with the audiences. Over 30 booths, some teams up to six people, joined the event and POSEF had managed to bring over 700 early bird applicants from outside the campus. Geekble and student participants from a variety of backgrounds showcased shocking inventions including Ice Gun, VR Drum, Banana DNA Extraction, Watt Balance, and much more.