POSTECH Embarks on Power Plants Using Waste Heat
POSTECH Embarks on Power Plants Using Waste Heat
  • Reporter Gwak Jun-ho
  • 승인 2017.05.24 20:38
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Based on the technology in which electricity is generated from heat wasted in industry, POSTECH embarks on ‘ICT integrated development of thermoelectric generator fueled with wasted energy’. Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning designated and announced ‘Smart Industrial Energy ICT integrated Consortium’ as 2017’s new ICT integrated consortium business plan. Professor Baek Chang-ki, Research Professor Kim Ki-hyun, Kim Min-sung (CiTE), and Doctor Kang Deok-hong (RIST) participated in the project.
As one of the newest energy regeneration technique, thermoelectric generation is recently getting spotlights for its capability of producing electricity from wasted heat which increases heat efficiency. Different from sunlight or wind power generation, thermoelectric generator can work 24 hours, has predictable gross generation, no-noise, vibration, and carbon emission features, and it even hardly needs maintenance.
Prof. Baek said, “We are aiming to preoccupy new markets of world energy, and contribute to reducing green-house gas and improve thermal efficiency.”

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