President Kim Delivers Keynote Address at 2017 THE Asia Universities Summit
President Kim Delivers Keynote Address at 2017 THE Asia Universities Summit
  • Reporter Lee Sang-hui
  • 승인 2017.05.03 17:14
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President Kim Doh-Yeon addressed a keynote speech about industry collaboration at Times Higher Education (THE) Asia Universities Summit, which was held in Ulsan on Apr. 16. The summit was on the theme of building stronger alliances between university and industry. President Kim made a speech about ‘driving innovative cooperation, a new paradigm of university-industry partnership.’
He emphasized the importance of cooperation by quoting an African proverb, ‘Go only by yourself if you just want to go fast. However, go together if you want to go far.’ Additionally, he explained “POSTECH employs experienced experts as a professor through collaboration with a company, and operates industrial academic cooperation centers with those professors. POSTECH-LG Display Industrial Academic Cooperation Center, which was founded in the previous year, was the start of it. Now it is more than simple association between the university and company, such as recruiting a LG Display-recommended researcher as a professor.” President Kim then announced that THE recently evaluated POSTECH as the most active university in industry collaboration among world universities. “POSTECH encourages students to start-up or establish a new businesses. Also, POSTECH holds some expositions for students to introduce venture companies which are established by POSTECH students. Association of POSTECH Grown Companies (APGC) also supports Postechians by giving some helpful advices for their juniors, developing technologies, and attracting the investments.” Furthermore, President Kim announced “POSTECH is continually making an effort for collaborative development between the university and the city. Last year POSTECH promoted ‘Univer+City’ project with University of Ulsan and the several region related organizations, which was the first interaction between organizations in Pohang and Ulsan for a purpose of coexistent local development.”
Meanwhile, the summit was hosted by THE, the world university rankings assessment organization operated by United Kingdom’s The Times newspaper and jointly supervised by University of Ulsan and Ulsan city. In lowercase, 220 people from universities and research institutions, including 141 people from 65 universities from 23 foreign countries and 80 people from 21 universities in Korea.

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