POSTECH and Hyosung Begins Collaboration
POSTECH and Hyosung Begins Collaboration
  • Reporter Kang Min-seok
  • 승인 2017.05.03 17:11
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POSTECH and Hyosung rolled up their sleeves for a leading position in ‘Steel Cord’ field. POSTECH and Hyosung held an opening ceremony of ‘Hyosung-POSTECH Academia-Industry Collaborative Research Center’ on Apr. 10. The research center will focus on developing an optimum production process for steel cord, a next-generation high-tenacity wire. Professor Lee Byeong-joo (MSE) leads the research center, and two academia-industry collaboration professors will be newly employed.
In the case of Hyosung, POSTECH first offers list of researchers who are expected to draw out excellent result in the research. Then, Hyosung makes a recommendation of professor who is expected to strengthen Hyosung’s business competitiveness. In this research, POSTECH takes charge of theoretical experiment, while Hyosung focuses on verifying various theories suggested by POSTECH using their actual manufacturing facility.
POSTECH has opened the first collaborative research center with LG Display last year, and will further spur cooperation with businesses.

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