POSTECH Crowned Top-Tier in University-Industry Collaborations
POSTECH Crowned Top-Tier in University-Industry Collaborations
  • Reporter Park Geun-woo
  • 승인 2017.04.07 10:32
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POSTECH has been announced as top-tier among the most active universities in terms of university-to-industry collaborations. On “South Korean Universities Lead Way on Industry Collaboration,” a report by THE Times of U.K., THE ranked the universities according to the results from industry collaborations. Among the worldwide ranking, THE Times highlighted Korean universities’ industry collaborations as remarkable. According to the analysis by Clarivate Analytics, POSTECH has published 13,545 papers, which amounts to 23% of total publishing, in collaboration with the industry. This announcement showed POSTECH is now of top-tier in interactions with universities. The difference between the second place, INSA Lyon (France), was approximately 5.0%.
Among the world-famous research-focused universities, MIT ranked 26, Carnegie Mellon 29, and Stanford University 50. In Korea, 6 universities ranked inside the top 50; Sungkyunkwan University (8), KAIST (11), GIST (32), Hanyang University (34), and Seoul National University (37).
President Kim Do-Yeon noted, “Last year POSTECH made a promise to contribute much more intensely to the community and the nation by transforming into a ‘value-creating university.’ In such context, being assessed as the most active industry-collaborating university in the world is very encouraging.”

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