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My Resolutions as a Junior Reporter
[384호] 2017년 04월 07일 (금) Reporter Kim Su-min kimsm@
Now I am a junior reporter of the Postech Times! It was hard to decide if I should apply for the student reporter of the Postech Times because I thought I would have to face an unprecedented deal of responsibility. Yet, I have decided to apply and I will keep in mind my first resolutions. These are the resolutions I will carry out.
 First, I will check the needs of the readers. Because the readers are most important, it would be better to check their thoughts to deliver more useful information. If information is directly connected to the reader, he or she will show more interest.
 Second, I will suggest many creative ideas. I will do my best to be more creative by reading other articles to find what contents are usually contained in newspapers, and discuss with other reporters about what content will catch the readers’ attention.
 Lastly, I want more people to read the Postech Times, so I will start a plan with my friends. I don’t know whether it is possible, but I am planning a small event in which I give sweets to people who read my articles and give me a short review.
 As a student reporter, I made some rules for myself. One is to keep the due dates. Since I am not a writer but a reporter, the due date is a promise I make with other reporters and readers. Another rule is to always keep in mind that I am a reporter of the Postech Times, and always be careful with my behaviors and speaking. Because now I bear the name of a reporter, my words can represent the Postech Times, even if it is not my intention.
 For years ahead as a student reporter, I will do my best to keep and follow these resolutions. It is a promise with myself, and other people will act as implicit inspectors, for this article will be posted on the Postech Times.

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