President Park Geun-hye Impeached
President Park Geun-hye Impeached
  • Reporter Gwak Jun-ho
  • 승인 2017.03.15 11:35
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With unanimous agreement of the eight judges, Constitutional Court officially proclaimed the expulsion of President Park Geun-hye on Mar. 10. It is an unprecedented case throughout the political history of South Korea, for an incumbent president to be impeached. Constitutional Court proclaimed at around 11 a.m. its agreement about the impeachment of President Park that National Assembly proposed for in December last year. According to the Constitution, President Park is immediately forced out from her position as soon as the impeachment is agreed by the court.
Constitutional Court accepted only one reason out of five that National Assembly proposed for the impeachment of President Park: ‘violation on citizens’ sovereignty and constitutionalism’. However, Constitutional Court said “because the president’s action has brought significantly negative effect, it is more favorable to impeach the president and defend the Constitution”. Also, Constitutional Court added that “president is supposed to exert her authority according to the Constitution, and keep her every duty transparent for evaluation. However, President Park had completely concealed political intervention of Choi Soon-sil, and not just denied but criticized every time there was relevant suspicion”.
Whereas, the court did not accept other reasons for the impeachment such as abuse of authority, violation of right for the liberty of press, obligation of protecting the citizens in terms of Sewol Crisis, etc. Officially impeached right after the announcement of the court, President Park is expected to settle her affairs, have her last greetings with advising staffs, and then leave Cheongwadae. It is not yet clear whether there will be a final presidential announcement. President Park has come to leave Cheongwadae four years after her appointment as the president on Feb. 25, 2013, leaving one year of presidential period. Along with the expulsion of President Park, the next president will be elected through by-election within 60 days, as according to Constitutional Law. Until then, South Korean government will be operated under Hwang Kyo-ahn’s acting president system. The government and National Election Commission will confirm the schedule of coming election and execute the preparation.