Why POSTECH? Why Startup?
Why POSTECH? Why Startup?
  • Reporter Park Geun-woo
  • 승인 2017.03.15 11:35
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2017 POSTECH Startup Day was in session on Friday, Feb. 24, at TIPS Town, Seoul. The entry request for the event far exceeded 200, and 50 Postechians had signed up for the Pohang-Seoul shuttle to participate.
Kim Jun-young (CSE 04, Director of External Relations in the Association of POSTECH Alumni, Joint Representative of Bagelcode) presided over the event and took the lead with a keynote about ‘POSTECH Startup Map 2.0’. Next, President Do-Yeon Kim, who attended the event last year as well, briefly commented about the POSTECH network and the current flow of the industries. Following up, POSTECH faculty Park Sung-jin (ME 87, Director of Industry-Academic Relations) explained POSTECH’s various startup-supporting policies, and Jun Sang-jin (CE 87, Vice President of Admissions and Student Affairs) introduced ‘Summer Experience in Society (SES)’, POSTECH’s new internship program that was initiated during summer 2016.
Venture capitalists among the alumni also took the stage to share refreshing insights in mainstream startup nature. Park Ji-woong (IME 01, CEO of Fast Track Asia) delivered a meticulous verdict about the trend in startup investing, while Lee Chan-ki (CSE 98, Director of Industry Communications in the Association of POSTECH Alumni, CEO of Daily Marketplace) reported about POSTECH Angel Club, which was launched in 2016, and introduced Stayge Labs and Cut&Curl, the two beneficiaries of Angel Club. Choi Yoon-sup (CSE 01, Managing Partner & Co-Founder of Digital Healthcare Partners Inc.), an esteemed professional in the digital healthcare industry, closed up the VC session with an introduction of DHP, the venture accelerator that concentrates specifically in the medical industry.
In the next two sessions, Lee Jung-rak (the CEO of RC423), Lee Hyung-seok (CEO of OrganPrint) and Lee Ji-hyung (CEO of EyePia) gave speeches about their experiences as student fouhnders and their own startup items, and renowned startup founders including Park Ki-suk (Director of Software Development at Carplat), Yang Joo-dong (CSE 01, member of board of directors at 8Percent) and Seo Yoo-seok (Research Director of Genexine) talked about experiences in their industries.