Scientific Technician’s Voice to New Policies
Scientific Technician’s Voice to New Policies
  • Reporter Lee Sang-hui
  • 승인 2017.03.15 11:32
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A Science and Technology Support Policy town meeting was conducted on Feb. 25, in Hankyoreh publishing company’s Cheongam Hall. A town meeting is large scale decision making process in which all participants have equal rights to debate and vote. Sixty people, including high school and university students, professors, researchers, and legislative officials participated.
The discussion was divided into 7 areas that policies may focus on: young scientific technicians (for example, treatment of graduate students), rising scientific technologies, government invested research institutes such as Government-funded Research Institutes, minorities in scientific technologies, scientific technology companies, supporting system about scientific technologies such as supporting basic science or allocating research funding, and the popularization of science.
The meeting was hosted and conducted by Engineers and Scientists for Change, and supervised by the Biological Research Information Center, Donga Science, and The Hankyoreh Science On.

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