Recommendation Ceremony of Honorary Professors
Recommendation Ceremony of Honorary Professors
  • Reporter Gwak Jun-ho
  • 승인 2017.03.01 19:01
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On Feb. 22, the recommendation ce-remony of honorary professors was held at the POSCO International Center. The list of seven honorary professors who retired at the regular retirement age were as follows: Professor Kim Kwang-ik (MATH), Chung Jin-wook (PHYS), Park Hyun-chul (ME), Kim Bum-man (EE), Young soo Kim (EE), Park Wee-sang (EE), and Lee Pil-joong (EE). About 220 people including President Kim Do-Yeon, university faculty members, professors and their families visited participated in the ceremony, which consisted of two parts: award ceremony and luncheon. During the award ceremony, each of the honorary professors stood on stage, received their awards of Certification of Merits, and delivered their statements, while their academic achievements were projected on a screen. During the second part of the ceremony, the guests and professors shared a toast and had a luncheon. After the luncheon, the honorary professors delivered their personal sentiments about retiring, and watched seven-minute videos and video letters, once again celebrating the professors’ achievements. Professor Park Hyun-chul from Mechanical Engineering Department delivered his retirement lecture at weekly seminar hosted by Mechanical Engineering Department, titled “Small things I have thought throughout my life”, on Feb. 22, at International Center Convention room. The honorary professors were officially retired on Feb. 28.