Next-Generation Ultralow Power Transistor Developed
Next-Generation Ultralow Power Transistor Developed
  • Reporter Jeong Yoon-han
  • 승인 2017.03.01 18:58
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Professor Baek Chang-ki (CiTE)’s research team developed a core-shell nanowire tunneling transistor that boasts three times faster working speeds than preexisting silicon nanowire tunneling transistors. The research team puts the importance of the discovery on the next generation low-power, high performance logic device technology. Tunneling transistors were widely researched because the method helps reduce the energy consumption. However, there was always a problem with improving the quality, due to the minute tunneling surface. To solve this problem, the team adopted the core-shell structure to the nanowire. The research was published in Scientific Reports, an open access journal from the publishers of Nature.

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