Chiral Soliton: 4-digit Computing Device for AI Era
Chiral Soliton: 4-digit Computing Device for AI Era
  • Reporter Park Geun-woo
  • 승인 2017.03.01 18:58
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On Feb. 7, a team from IBS’s Center for Artificial Low Dimensional Electronic Systems led by Professor Yeom Han-woong (PHYS) collaborating with Tae Hwan-kim (PHYS)’s research team published their work on an electronic device capable of 4-digit computation in Nature Physics online.
The breakthrough sparked when the joint research team found three different kinds of soliton (space that transit 1 electron each with stability) inside Indium atomic ray of 1nm wide. In 2015, the team officially named the three solitons “Chiral Soliton”. And in February 2016, the team discovered that the chiral solitons, moving like an electron inside micro Indium atomic rays, are able to make co-computations.

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