2016 POSTECH Commencement Ceremony
2016 POSTECH Commencement Ceremony
  • Reporter Lee Sang-hui
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The 2016 POSTECH Commencement Ceremony took place on Feb. 10. A total of 741 students graduated including 297 B.S., 193 M.S., and 251 Ph.D. Oh Kyung-hun (PHYS 13) was honored as the valedictorian for the graduating class of 2016 for both engineering and natural sciences with a GPA of 4.20/4.30, and Kim Min-hee (IME 12) was honored as the valedictorian in the field of engineering with the GPA of 4.19/4.30. The “Sung-Kee Chung Thesis Paper Award” for natural science was given to Kim Min-su (PHYS, Ph.D. integrated) for his “Quantum Interface and One-Dimensional Transport Properties in Graphene Devices”. The “Chang Kun Soo Thesis Paper Award” for engineering was given to Hong Seung-hun (CSE, Ph.D. integrated) for his “Semantic Video Segmentation of Low Level Map based on Deep Learning”. Lastly, the Hogil Kim Medal (Mueunjae Award) was given to Woo Sung-hyun (CHEM 12). He did various volunteer jobs helping with events and educational activities. He also started a book club ‘Myochaek’ to raise member’s understandings in the field of science.

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